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2 Factor Authentication Assistance
2 Factor Authentication Assistance
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To ensure the utmost security for our users, all committee users on WinRed are required to have 2 Factor Authentication. This requires a text code to be sent to each individual user's phone number and inputted when logging in.

For donors using the Team Page feature, you will also need to use 2 Factor Authentication.

Since each user has their phone number attached to their individual account, WinRed highly discourages multiple users from sharing one login.

Are you having trouble setting up your 2 Factor Authentication or not receiving your verification code via text?

Our team is happy to help! Contact us by hitting the chatbox in the bottom right-hand corner or heading to and clicking the green Start a New Message button.

If you work for a campaign, select I Work for a Campaign and explain your problem, and a team member will contact you to assist!

If you are a donor, you can also reach out to us at with any questions.

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