WinRed is the official donation platform for Republican candidates. WinRed is the #1 fundraising technology used by conservatives to raise money.

WinRed will never charge your card for any donation unless authorized to do so. It is possible that you may have accidentally opted in to additional charges without realizing it. You may have opted into a recurring subscription, which will continue to charge your account every month, week, or other interval, and this is the reason for a charge on your account that you do not recognize.

You may have also opted into a Money Pledge. You can read more about Money Pledges here.

If you see a charge that you do not remember authorizing, our team is on standby ready to help you resolve it. Please contact us ASAP at

If you decide, however, to file a dispute with your bank, WinRed will be unable to assist you with this donation and will be unable to process a refund. When a dispute happens, your bank will go through a lengthy review process that can take a few months and they will decide whether or not to refund you. During this time, WinRed is unable to process any refunds.

Our team is more than happy to help with donations that were made in error, so we encourage you to please contact us at for any help you need.

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